With the installation of a Photovoltaic (PV) system you can take advantage of the abundance solar energy to produce your own electrical energy in order to be independent and set the amount paid to bills of electivity almost to zero. In this way you will become a self consumer meaning that you will produce the energy that you consume and above all this energy will be clean and green energy.
What could be the solution to this heavy bond, especially since prices do not seem to be de-escalating in the near future?
But the obvious: To produce our own energy!

The “Photovoltaics on the Roof” subsidy program starts in a few days. Hurry up to book a “position” in the program SolarWay gives you the possibility to immediately join the program and secure your subsidy

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We are by your side, since 2009, to plan a better future together. Our commitment to the green energy market is long-term and substantial. In it we see our future and our progress. Together. With collaborations. With mutual benefit. With you!


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Self Consumption Photovoltaics (Net Metering)

Self consumption of electric energy to meet own needs

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Off Grid Photovoltaic Systems

Meeting your energy needs, off grid

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Photovoltaic Power Plants

Invest in the energy of the future.

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Support & Maintenance of Photovoltaic Systems

Keep your investment prosperous.

Constantly Pioneers

SolarWay is since 2009, the leading company in the Peloponnese based in Kalamata, which offering complete savings solutions utilizing Renewable Energy Sources.
Our main activities are focused on the design, supply, construction and maintenance of integrated solutions of photovoltaic systems.
The SolarWay team, through its multi- years of specialization, the multitude of seminars & trainings and its muti- years of cooperation with the most important companies, remains at the forefront of technology.

Με υψηλή ποιότητα υπηρεσιών και προϊόντων, με σαφή επιστημονική γνώση και τεχνογνωσία, δημιουργούμε μακροχρόνιες και ουσιαστικές συνεργασίες με τους πελάτες μας που βασίζονται στον αμοιβαίο σεβασμό και την εμπιστοσύνη.

With over 400 photovoltaic systems installed, SolarWay gives you the security you need for your investment.

Years By Your Side

ΜW installed Power

Successful Projects

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Design - Study

We study and design both the technical elements of the photovoltaic system and the financial feasibility of your investment.

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Investment financing

We help, advice and support you in choosing the right financing for your investment.
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We support the whole process to the competent services and we submit for you all the necessary documents.
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Supply of equipment

Our cooperation with our largest and most reliable suppliers, we select the appropriate equipment for each project based on technological specifics, reliability, availability and final cost.
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The reliable and with many years of experience team of SolarWay undertakes the complete installation of the photovoltaic system, delivering it “turnkey”.
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Support and Maintenance

The organization, experience, equipment and staffing of the Maintenance Department are the guarantees for the safe and efficient operation of your photovoltaic system.


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At the end of the year, SolarWay is founded in Kalamata by Kostas Mourtzanos.
In 2010 SolarWay installs the first home photovoltaic systems. SolarWay successfully undertakes and implements the first 100 kW photovoltaic plant in the region of Messinia
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Certification of SolarWay as an Installer of PVTRIN Photovoltaic Systems at an advanced level by the Intelligent Energy-Europe program of the European Commission
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Certification by EQA Hellas according to ISO 9001: 2008 for the services and products it provides in the field of Installation, Design and Maintenance of Photovoltaic Systems.
SolarWay installs the first Net-Metering photovoltaic systems in the whole Peloponnese, the second in Greece and the first three in Messinia.
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SolarWay implemented on behalf of the Energy Community of Kalamata Messinia, the first photovoltaic station connected to Messinia, after 8 years!
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SolarWay undertakes over 50 new Net-Metering Photovoltaic Systems projects

Latest projects

Φωτοβολταϊκό Πάρκο 1MW 7 1

1 MW photovoltaic power plant

SolarWay – Energy Solutions implemented on behalf of the Energy Community of Kalamata Messinia, a 1 MW photovoltaic power plant.
It is the first photovoltaic plant connected in Messinia, after 8 years!
Both the licensing and the supply, implementation, installation and connection to the public electricity grid was done entirely by SolarWay. The photovoltaic plant is located in the area of Hatzi, Messinia

Φωτοβολταϊκό σύστημα ΤΕΡΝΑ PRODEA net-metering

Implementation of a 46 kW photovoltaic net metering system in an office building in Maroussi

TERNA SA, trusting the quality of SolarWay photovoltaic projects, commissioned the project of supply and construction of a photovoltaic net metering system of power of 46 kW, in the new office building on Frangokklisias and Aigialeias streets in Maroussi, Attica. The new buildings were constructed on behalf of PRODEA Investemetns.
SolarWay has successfully implemented the project and has already put it into operation

Φωτοβολταϊκό σύστημα net-metering με μπαταρίες

Implementation of a 10 kW photovoltaic net metering system with batteries in a house

The first in Messinia, and one of the first in Greece, self consumption Net-Metering photovoltaic systems, with parallel use of batteries, supplies clean electricity, an emblematic house in the area of Finikounda


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Messinia, Zip code. 24100

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