Publication in the newspaper “Eleftheria” on 20/5/2022

A “window” of optimism for companies, opens the Greek legislation that allows them to apply the renewable source of solar energy, as their only important “ally”.

In this particular period we are going through – with the recent global crises, companies in our country are forced to move in an even more “hostile” environment. The situation is exacerbated by the recent major energy crisis, sharply increasing their operating costs. In this aggravated reality, companies that want to survive and grow, are eagerly exploring how to take action to reduce or streamline the energy costs they consume.

The possibility of installing Photovoltaic (PV) Self-Generating Systems (Net-Metering) in companies, can really help significantly and certainly, since it is an energy offset – with immediate benefits, especially in companies with high electricity consumption.

This is because with the installation of Self-Production PV:

They become energy self-sufficient and drastically reduce their electricity bill
They fully meet their electricity needs
They save almost the entire value of electricity consumption
They increase the company’s assets, as a result of the significant reduction of its operating expenses
They win, since the value of the investment returns soon to their fund, since its amortization time, based on the new high electricity prices, has been reduced dramatically to 3 years and in many cases up to 1 year.
The solar energy area that SOLARWAY has been active in for several years, with the application of PV systems and the development of PV parks, has already served as a lifeline for many companies. The scientific know-how and experience of many successful applications that SOLARWAY has in this field, enables it to transform the real opportunities that are currently presented in business, into projects of immediate, immediate money saving.

In a few words:

Photovoltaic (PV) Self-Production

With a Self-Generating PV you cover your needs for electricity through energy offset. Part of the production is consumed directly, covering your needs and the rest is “stored” in the network to meet needs, when the production of PV is not enough.

Solar power

The most important renewable energy source of our country, an ally in consumption



With the installation of Self-Production PV, you become energy autonomous and reduce drastically

your account.


Photovoltaic, an appropriate solution for companies with high electricity consumption, especially after the recent large increases.

Profitable investment

Full coverage of needs with investment amortization in 1-3 years and saving almost the entire value of electricity consumption.


Increase in the company’s assets as a result of the significant reduction of its operating expenses


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