From March 2022, individuals have the opportunity to install in their home a photovoltaic system of power up to 6 kW in order to sell the energy produced in the network, according to the “Special Program for the Development of Low Power Photovoltaic Systems in homes connected to a corresponding supply for household use “(ΥΑ no. ΥΠΕΝ / ΔΑΠΕΕΚ / 121501/5015 (ΦΕΚ / 6351 / Β / 30.12.2021))

Key points of photovoltaic systems program up to 6 kW in homes

The main points of the new program are as follows:

  • The selling price of the produced energy in the grid is stable and equal to 8.7 cents for each produced kWh.
  • The maximum power of the photovoltaic system is set at 6 kW
  • The right to join the program have persons who are not entrepreneurs, who have ownership or legal use (eg through lease, free concession, etc.)
  • In the case of a photovoltaic system in a common or shared area of ​​the building, the installation of one or more photovoltaic systems is allowed. The right to join the Program in this case have the owners of the horizontal properties represented by the administrator or one of the owners of the horizontal properties after the concession of the use of the common or shared space by the other co-owners.
  • The photovoltaic system can be installed in buildings used for housing, ie on the roof or roof of a building, including terraces, facades and awnings, as well as in ancillary areas of the building, such as warehouses and parking lots. In addition, the installation of photovolraics is allowed on the ground (eg in uncovered plot area) which is placed on fixed bases or in solar tracking systems (trackers).
  • A necessary condition is the existence of an active Low Voltage power supply for domestic use in the name of the owner of the photovoltaic system in the building where it is installed. In addition, it is a necessary condition that part of the thermal needs of the building in hot water is covered by the use of renewable energy sources (eg existence of solar water heater, solar thermal, etc.). Also, the project of installing the photovoltaic system should not have been included in any financing program (eg in the framework of the NSRF OP).
  • Each individual can install more than one photovoltaic system in different homes at a time

Lisensing procedure and documents for Photovoltaic Systems up to 6 kW in homes

The procedure for applying to HEDNO for the PV system is as follows:

  1. Submitting the connection application electronically to HEDNO
  2. Response from HEDNO to the request of one 15 days
  3. Payment of the connection cost to HEDNO.
  4. Signing of the connection agreement with HEDNO
  5. Signing the selling agreement with your provider (PPC or other)
  6. Submitting an application to activate the PV system connection
  7. Activation of the system by HEDNO staff.

Required documents

  • Copy of police ID of the owner of the PV system
  • Copy of recent household electricity bill
  • Responsible Statement of law 1599/86 considered for the original signature or electronically issued through

Procedure details

The competent HEDNO (ΔΕΔΔΗΕ) within fifteen (15) days from the date of submission of the request examines the possibility of connecting the PV system and sends to the interested party electronically, in case of acceptance of the connection the Connection Contract, which states the connection cost, the required connection projects and the time of their implementation, while in case of rejection of the connection written notification of the reasons for rejection.

After the signing of the Connection Agreement, an application is submitted for the signing of a selling Agreement by the owner of the PV system to the Supplier with whom he has a Supply Contract as a consumer. The process is completed within 15 days of receipt of the application.

More information, as well as answers to the most common questions can be found in the relevant HEDNO document by clicking here.

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