See with the help of a drone the 1 MW photovoltaic power plant that SolarWay – Energy Solutions implemented on behalf of the Energy Community of Kalamata Messinia, in the area of ​​Chatzi, Messinia.

It is the first photovoltaic station connected in Messinia, after 8 years!

The licensing, supply, implementation, installation and connection to the HEDNO grid was done entirely by SolarWay.

The construction of the photovoltaic station was done by SolarWay in a record time of less than a month in April 2021, while already in June 2021, the photovoltaic park produces “green” electricity.

The photovoltaic station consists of:

  • 1886 bifacial photovoltaic panels of TrinaSolar type Vertex TSM – DEG19C.20 530 Wp
  • 5 Inverters SUN2000-185KTL – H1 and one SUN2000-105KTL – H1 from HuaweiTechnologiesCo.,
  • Support bases of the Greek “Emmanuel SA”
  • Medium Voltage Substation 1000 KVA of the Hellenic “Seller Hellas SA”
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