In order to install a photovoltaic Net-Metering system over 10.8 kW , you should get a license from the grid company, ΔΕΔΔΗΕ (HEDNO). The application will be submitted by the one who has in his/her name the electricity bill.

Right for installing a photovoltaic Net-Metering system have persons and legal entities of public and private law, who either own the space where the photovoltaic system will be installed, or have its legal use (eg through lease, free concession, etc.) and have secured the written consent of the site owner.

The basic terms and conditions for installing a net metering photovoltaic system, are:

  • The existence of an active permanent electric  power supply in the name of the applicant (not construction site)
  • The photovoltaic net metering system is exclusively assigned to a consumption meter
  • The photovoltaic net-metering system is installed in the same or adjacent space with the consumption installation to which it is assigned
  • The interested party has the legal use of the system installation space.
  • The interested party has fully paid the electricity bills of the relevant Supplier (or has been included in a debt settlement regime).

The licensing procedure is as follows:

  1. Online submission of the Connection Application to HEDNO. The application is submiited using the TAXIS codes of the applicant. Within fifteen working days, HEDNO informs the applicant about the acceptance or rejection of the requested connection.
  2. Payment of the connection cost to HEDNO. The cost of connecting the system to the network HEDNO, will be determined after the submission of the Connection Application. Usually is 300 € to 390 € plus VAT.
  3. Sign the Connection and Offsetting Agreements to the relevant departments of HEDNO and PPC (ΔΕΗ or other)
  4. Send the photovoltaic’s energy meter to the HEDNO laboratories in Athens for certification
  5. Installation of the photovoltaic’ system (deadline 12 months from the signing of the Connection Agreement)
  6. Activation of the net metering system to the relevant departments of HEDNO.

Required documents for the application of a photovoltaic net-metering

To submit an application for connection to HEDNO for a photovoltaic net metering system, in addition to the relevant technical documents, the following are required:

  • Certificate documenting the Legal Use of the property: In order to prove the installation of the PV system either by the owner of the property or by a third party, other than the owner, who has the legal use of the property, a Certificate of Documentation of the legal use is submitted by a lawyer of the applicant’s choice, as the case may be:
    • In case of submission of an application by the owner of the property, the title contract (ie a copy of a notarial contract or a final court decision) is submitted, as well as either the registry of the Contract’s Registration to the House of Deeds or in the case of an operating cadastral office, the certificate of registration in the cadastral office or the copy of the cadastral sheet and the Extract of the Cadastral Chart. In case there other also other owners of the property, then they must agree on the installation of the PV system, by submitting a responsible statement that the lawyer will ask (the sign must be verified by a public authority)
    • In case of submission of 1an application by a third party having the legal use of the property, the above (number 1) documentary evidence of the case is submitted, as well as proof of legal use (i.e. a copy of the private long-term lease agreement and the proof of the electronic submission to the competent Tax Office, or a copy of the notarial lease contract and the certificate of its transcription at the land registry or the certificate of registration with the competent Cadastral Office).
  • A hardcopy of current electricity bill of PPC (ΔΕΗ or other)
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s passport or ID
  • An official  paper that states the applicant’s VAT
  • Topographic plan for non urban areas
  • In case the photovoltaic system will be installed on the ground, a decision on the designation of a land as agricultural land of high productivity or not is required.. This is granted by the Directorate of Rural Development and Veterinary Regional Unit of the Region, upon appropriate application.

Urban Planning licensing of a photovoltaic net-metering

In case the photovoltaic net metering system is installed on a building up to 100 kW no Urban Planning Authority permission is required

In case the photovoltaic net-metering system is installed on the ground, the Approval of Small Scale Construction Works is also required by the Urban Planning Authority.

Environmental licensing of a photovoltaic net metering

If the net-metering photovoltaic system is installed on a building, no environmental licensing is required.

In case the photovoltaic net metering system is installed on the ground, a special environmental exception is required (“certificate of exemption from Approval of Environmental Conditions“) by the competent Region, which, according to the law, is given within 20 days from the submission of the relevant application. .

However, if they are installed on the ground in Natura areas or coastal zones (100m from the shoreline off rocky islands), then for systems with a power of up to 10 MWp “Standard Environmental Commitments” are required.

The relevant environmental licensing is a prerequisite in order for the application for connection to HEDNO to be complete.

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