Continuous changes in the planned subsidies for photovoltaic systems. Despite the daily posts and leaks about the home and small business solar subsidy program, the program will change until the last day before it goes live!

According to the latest information available from the Ministry of Finance, only 2 categories will be subsidized

Category A: residential photovoltaics with a battery (with a subsidy limit of 7 kWp on the photovoltaic and 7 kWh on the battery. Anything above does not receive a subsidy). Average system subsidy 50%, ie all battery costs are subsidized. Simple net-metering without a battery is not subsidized.

Category B: rural photovoltaics without battery up to 10 kWp.

Commercial self-generation systems up to 10 kWp will be subsidized with a parallel program which will however be run by the Ministry of Development and will be announced soon.

Commercial self-generation systems >10 kWp will be entered into another program to be announced sometime in the future.

Vulnerable households are left out of this program because they will be supported through OTA Energy Communities with a 100% subsidy.

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