SolarWay installed on behalf of the company Epikouros Biological Products, a new photovoltaic energy compensation system with a power of 49.61 kW.

The photovoltaic energy compensation system was placed on the roof of the premises of Epikouros Biological Products.

The photovoltaic system consists of:

  • 121 photovoltaic panels 121 photovoltaic panels, power 410 W each
  • 2 inverters SMA STP X 25, of the German SMA power 25 kW each

The impact of the project is particularly important, both for the company Epikouros Biological Products itself, but also more widely. The installed photovoltaic energy compensation system is expected to produce annually over 70,000 kWh, fully covering the needs of Epikouros Biological Products in electricity.

The payback time for the investment, through the large reduction in electricity bills, is expected to be around 2 years, while the Internal Rate of Return on Investment (IRR) is estimated at 47%!

Alongside this project, Epikouros Biological Products will significantly reduce its environmental footprint, as the photovoltaic system will prevent the emission of 60 tons of carbon dioxide and 1 ton of sulfur dioxide. The photovoltaic system will correspond to 100 acres of forest or 5,000 trees.

The company Epikouros Biological Products is a pioneer in biodynamic agriculture and is one of the leading Greek companies in the production of organic olive products. With this project, the company Epikouros Biological Products will produce its biological products using green energy, contributing in a holistic way to the protection of the environment, faithful to the principles of sustainability.

The company Epikouros Biological Products entrusted the project to SolarWay, the leading company in the field of photovoltaics in the area of Messinia, relying on the reliability, quality of services and materials and the efficient management and execution of SolarWay projects

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