Net Metering

Self Consumption Photovoltaics (Net Metering)

With the installation of a Photovoltaic (PV) system you can take advantage of the abundance solar energy to produce your own electrical energy in order to be independent and set the amount paid to bills of electivity almost to zero. In this way you will become a self consumer meaning that you will produce the energy that you consume and above all this energy will be clean and green energy.
This scheme, known as Net-Metering, allows you to use the green energy produced by the PV systems for your own consumptions and to use the grid as storage for the excess energy produced. The term “net” refers to the fact that you will be charged only for the difference between energy you consume and the energy that PV systems produces. And this refers to a 3 years cycle. In case that the energy produced by the PV systems exceeds your own consumptions, the excess solar energy is fed to the grid and it will be subtracted by the energy you derive from the grid at another time of the year (for the next 3 years).
The basic points of Net Metering in Greece are:

  1.  All energy produced by the PV systems is used for the user needs.
  2. In case that the solar energy is not enough,
      • without batteries: the user will also use the gird to extract energy
      • with batteries: rest of the energy will be drawn from the batteries. When the energy of the batteries is not enough, the rest of the energy will be taken from the public grid.
  3. In case that the energy produced by the PV systems exceeds the used needs,
      • without batteries: the excess energy is fed to the grid
      • with batteries: the excess energy will be used to charge the batteries and when they are fully charged, the excess energy would not be lost, but will be fed into the grid
  4. For three years, the energy that you fed into the grid is subtracted from the energy that you got from the grid, so you will be charged only for the net amount of energy that you got from the grid.

In this way you can

  • You save electricity costs
  • You make yourself more independent from rising electricity prices
  • You can keep track of your electricity consumption, which gives you an overview and helps you save energy and money
  • You can increase the value of your property and protect the environment
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Licensing procedure

In order to install a photovoltaic Net Metering system, you should get a license from the grid company, ΔΕΔΔΗΕ (HEDNO)
The licensing procedure is as follows:

  1. Submission of the Connection Application in LV network to HEDNO
  2. Payment of the connection cost to HEDNO. The cost of connecting the system to the network HEDNO, will be determined after the submission of the Connection Application. Usually is 300 € to 390 € plus VAT.
  3. Sign the Connection and Offsetting Agreements to the relevant departments of HEDNO and PPC (ΔΕΗ or other)
  4. Send the PV energy meter to the HEDNO laboratories in Athens for certification
  5. Installation of the PV system
  6. Activation of the system to the relevant departments of HEDNO.

In order to make submit Connection Application to HEDNO the following are needed:


  • In case that you bought the land and then you built the house
    • Land Purchase Contract together with the corresponding Mortgage Transfer Certificate
    • Building permit of the house
  • In case that you bought the land with the house
    • Land Purchase Contract together with the corresponding Mortgage Transfer Certificate
  • hardcopy of Current bill of PPC (ΔΕΗ or other)
  • A Responsible statements that the owner must sign (the sign must be verified by a public authority)
  • In case there are many owners, the application will be submitted by the owner whose name is in the electricity bill and the other owners must sign a Responsible statement that allows the first owner to install the PV system (the sign must be verified by a public authority)
  • photocopy of your passport or ID
  • An official paper that states your VAT

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Finally, you can visit the relevant HEDNO page for RES & SITHYA Stations by self-producers with Energy Offset or Virtual Energy Offset, that contains all the information about the applications, the institutional framework, application file, relevant announcements, etc.


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