2 seminars were held entitled “PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS AND RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES” instructed by Dr Kostas Mourtzanos. The seminars were organized by the Association of Contractors of Electrical Technical Refrigeration Facilities for information and training of its members,.

The first seminar was held from 23-9-2010 to 29-9-2010 and the second from 7-10-2010 to 13-10-2010.
In both seminars, the topics closed with an on-site presentation and teaching on the last day in the Meligalas Industrial Area, where Mr. Kostas Mourtzanos has installed a photovoltaic park.
The seminars were organized under the auspices of the Panhellenic Federation of Electricians of Greece and KEK GSEVEE of Western Greece.
Taught by:
a) Kostas Mourtzanos Certified Electrical Engineer.
b) Antonios Lymperopoulos Certified Electrical Engineer.

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