Twice the amount paid by SMEs or freelancers for the installation of photovoltaic systems is deducted from taxable income!
The above are defined in decision 139818 EX 2022 of the Undersecretary of the Environment (Government Gazette 5083 B’/28/9/2022

tax-bonus – How it will work

The small and medium-sized business or the self-employed person installs a photovoltaic system at his headquarters to limit energy costs. Tax laws allow him to deduct from his gross income not only the cost of the investment but also so much more.
Thus, if the expenditure is 10,000 euros, it will deduct 20,000 euros and ensure a tax deduction of 4,400 euros for those taxed at the horizontal rate of 22%.
In addition to photovoltaics, there are many other “green” investments that are indirectly subsidized in this way. Essentially, tariffs are subsidized to be charged by businesses with specific activity codes. Some separate forms will be submitted along with the tax return – the program will run for the period 2023-2025 – and the benefit will be reflected in the clearance of the tax return.
Beneficiaries of the additional discount are:

  • a) natural persons carrying out business activity and
  • b) legal persons and legal entities, as long as they are characterized as small and medium-sized enterprises (small and medium-sized enterprises active in the sectors of primary agricultural production and the processing and marketing of agricultural products are excluded from the application of this provision

The costs to be recognized should essentially be included in the following areas:

  • Protection and management of forest environment, sanitation and cleaning of soil, water, marine areas, air and pollution control with the aim of exceeding EU standards or their early implementation, including research and preparation of relevant studies
  • Actions to Improve Energy Efficiency, energy saving (produced and consumed), green transition and renewable energy sources, including research and the preparation of relevant studies.
  • Research and experimental development in biotechnology and research in electricity technology.

The additional discount on the costs in question relating to the green economy, energy and digitization, is carried out ex-accountably by submitting the beneficiary’s annual income tax return, in the years in which the said costs are incurred. The year of realization of these expenses means the year to which they relate. In the event that losses occur after deducting the percentage of the additional discount, these are transferred.

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