According to an article and information from energypress, the issuance of the Ministerial Decision is expected, which will return the submission of applications for photovoltaic parks up to 400 kW in the four formerly saturated areas, Peloponnese, Crete, Evia, and Cyclades.
As it is considered a given that a reasonable period of time is given to the potential investors, in order to prepare the necessary supporting documents, the Ministry of Environment estimates that the relevant applications will be submitted within the next two months.
As it is known, the applications will be made electronically, on the new platform developed by HEDNO. For this purpose, 86 MW have been allocated in the Peloponnese, 45 MW in the Cyclades (of which 15 MW for net metering), 40 MW in Evia and MW Megawatt in Crete (of which 40 MW for net metering).
The Ministerial Decision will specify all the details of the procedure, the model of the letter of guarantee that will accompany the applications, as well as the required supporting documents. Given that the sole criterion of these projects will be the time priority of submitting applications, there should be enough time for the preparation of interested investors.
These projects will have a specific compensation price per kilowatt hour produced, which is also expected to be determined by the Ministerial Decision.
HEDNO’s electronic platform is part of the overall online ecosystem developed by HEDNO for the submission of connection requests from each category of RES (roof photovoltaics, net-metering, virtual net-metering, as well as investor stations).

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