Three new Photovoltaic Self-Generating Systems (Net-metering) in Public bodies, have been installed & activated by SolarWay recently in Kalamata.


  • At the General Hospital of Messinia, a 20 kWp Net-Metering Photovoltaic System was successfully installed and activated.
  • At the Technological Institute of Peloponnese, in Kalamata, a 20 kWp Net-Metering Photovoltaic System was successfully activated.
  • In the 1st Special Primary School of Kalamata, a Photovoltaic Self-Generating System (Net-metering) of 8.26 kWp was successfully installed and activated

These are three very important projects, as in addition to saving energy and resources that they offer to the State, they also have a strong symbolism, signaling a dynamic and innovative concept in the administration of the Public sector. Many congratulations to the Administrations and Directorates as well as to the employees of the above public bodies who with an innovative spirit, contribute positively to energy savings and the protection of the environment.

Εγκατάσταση φωτοβολταϊκού net-metering Solarway
Installation of photovoltaic net-metering at Kalamata Hospital, Messinia by Solarway

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