Finally, the Ministry of Environment and Energy, today proceeded with the pre-publication of the new subsidy program for photovoltaic systems, which include a storage system (battery).

Although the opening date has not yet been announced, it is expected within April.

Grant applications can be submitted by interested parties from the day the Program starts until all funds per category are covered.
Natural persons (households) and farmers (professional farmers or special status farmers) who have already entered into a relevant Association Agreement with DEDDIE have the right to participate in the Program.

The budget of the Action in terms of Public Expenditure for subsidizing the installation of photovoltaic systems and storage systems amounts to €200,000,000, which is distributed by 85% to household consumers and by 15% to farmers

Photovoltaic subsidy rates

The subsidy rates and the maximum subsidy amount, depending on income, are as follows:

Subsidy rate PV station
Power ≤ 5kWp
Subsidy rate PV station
5kWp <Power≤ 10.8kWp
Battery Grant Rate
Capacity ≤ 5kWh
Battery Grant Rate
5kWh <Capacity≤10.8kWh
Domestic Facilities (Vulnerable Households)65%
limit of €1,200/kWp
limit €830/kWp
limit of €890/kWh
limit of €820/kWh
Household facilities (Individual Income <= €20,000 or Family Income <= €40,000)35%
limit 650€/kWp
limit 350€/kWp
limit of €890/kWh
limit of €820/kWh
Household facilities (Individual Income > €20,000 or Family Income > €40,000)30%
limit 560€/kWp
limit 280€/kWp
limit of €800/kWh
limit of €750/kWh
limit 450€/kWp
limit 450€/kWp
limit 600€/kWh
limit 600€/kWh
Table of subsidy rate and maximum grant amounts

Eligible beneficiaries in category A (Vulnerable Households), are the beneficiaries of a social household tariff, upon submission of the application, according to the Register of Vulnerable Clients maintained by DEDDIE.

Photovoltaic subsidy conditions

Beneficiaries who had submitted an income tax return in the reporting year (2021) as non-residents are not eligible.

Also beneficiaries who, in the reference year (2021), submitted a joint income tax return (specifically as Debtor and Spouse/MSO), are not eligible, if the other member or dependent child of the return was a foreign resident in the above reference year (2021) .

  • must have a Tax Registry Number, as well as valid access codes to AADE’s online services, through which it can be identified,
  • Each Natural Person (household) may submit a single application concerning a single residence, for which the following conditions are cumulatively met:
    • – Is the applicant’s primary or secondary residence (owned, leased or let).
    • It has an active, domestic (and non-shared) electricity supply, through which the applicant’s residence is identified.
  • In the case of farmers, to be registered in the Register of Farmers and Agricultural Holdings
  • For the Farmers category, the applicant may submit a single application concerning a single active electricity supply for agricultural use according to the Register maintained by DEDDIE, through which the identification of the applicant is carried out. In case of submitting an application for rural benefit, the applicant is allowed to submit an application for his residence as well
  • The photovoltaic system should not have been activated at the station, before submitting the application for participation in the Program

Solar Subsidy Program Specifications

The “Photovoltaics on the roof” Program grants households for the installation of PV systems with a storage system and farmers for the installation of PV systems with or without a storage system for self-consumption with the application of energy offset

The maximum eligible installed power of photovoltaic systems per installation within the Program to be financed is set at 10.8kW.

The battery must have a minimum installed capacity equal to the installed production capacity of the photovoltaic plant in kWh, with a maximum capacity of 10.8 KWh.

Photovoltaic subsidy process

The funding application is submitted through an appropriate DEDDIE electronic platform using the applicant’s taxisnet codes. The data that the applicant must submit, in addition to the PV power and battery capacity, are

  • his individual or family income
  • unique email account
  • income tax statement
  • certificate of a professional farmer or proof of registration as a special status farmer, for those eligible in the Farmers Category,
  • The special categories are the corresponding documents, such as Disability Certification or Multi-Technical Qualification

After the submission of the application and the automated verification of supporting documents and if the required participation conditions are met, DEDDIE SA informs the applicant whether or not he is in principle eligible for a grant.

You can find the guide here

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