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Support & Maintenance of Photovoltaic Systems

The maintenance of the photovoltaic system is a necessary condition to ensure the smooth operation of your photovoltaic system. The maintenance sector is only a small part of the overall budget for the proper installation of photovoltaic systems, but it is an integral part of the chain in order to achieve long-term and maximum system efficiency.
Therefore the maintenance of the photovoltaic system is a necessary and low cost process by which we achieve:

  • Immediate diagnosis and detection of possible damage or malfunction with rapid recovery
  • Reduction of the possibility of technical problems in the equipment
  • Reduce the chance of accidents
  • Zero loss of sunshine and consequently the electricity generated (every lost minute of sunshine is lost revenue forever)
  • Extension of equipment life
  • Observance of the warranty conditions of the equipment and the installation
  • Maintaining calendar statistics and technical reports for each year
  • Ensuring proper daily operation with the aim of the highest efficiency of the system
  • Comply with the terms of the insurance contract

In addition to the above parameters concerning the safety of all and securing the investment, the maintenance process and the existence of a corresponding contract by a specialized company is provided by law to ensure the reliability of the electrical installation (Article 5, Fek 470), while as a prerequisite, in order for the owner of the unit to receive his compensation, both in terms of material guarantee and from his insurance company in case of damage.

SolarWay Maintenance Department

The SolarWay Maintenance Department was created as early as 2010 in order to meet the warranty requirements of the photovoltaic power plants installed by SolarWay for its customers.
The organization, experience, equipment and staffing of the Maintenance Department are the guarantees for the safe and efficient operation of your photovoltaic system. It is no coincidence that large companies such as Sunlight ABEE, HeliosRes, EDF EN Services Greece, Renewable Energy Sources etc. have commissioned the maintenance of their customers’ photovoltaic power plants in Messinia, at SolarWay.
SolarWay maintains over 15 MW of Photovoltaic power plants and Systems.

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What is included
The package of Integrated Maintenance Services includes:

  • Preventive maintenance of equipment,
  • Remote monitoring of the station,
  • Immediate technical support in case of malfunctions or failures
  • Cleaning of photovoltaic panels and land

Our goal is to ensure the maximum possible efficiency of the photovoltaic power plant under maintenance, to protect its electromechanical equipment and to ensure long-term investment.


Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance involves a complete and thorough inspection of the installation at all levels, which includes: photovoltaic panels for their operation and performance, inverters, panels, mounting stucture, wiring, earthing, lightning protection systems , alarm, CCTV, surveillance system, UPS etc.
Among others are included


  • Typical voltage-current curve (I-V) measurements of photovoltaics using the special certified instrument
  • Thermographic illustration of photovoltaics using a thermal camera
  • Measurements of wiring insulation resistance

After the end of the preventive maintenance, you are given a detailed technical maintenance report that includes indicatively:

  • List of checks performed
  • Interventions performed during preventive maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance findings
  • Measurements performed and their analysis
  • Suggestions for improvement and further suggested actions.
  • A report on the production of the previous period, which contains comparisons with the production estimates, with previous periods and with neighboring stations.

SolarWay maintains the Maintenance Calendar of the photovoltaic power plant, which is located on the site of the PV plant and is completed immediately after the execution of any work or visits to the station.



Remote monitoring

SolarWay monitors the operation of the station remotely through the telemetry system. All basic operating parameters are checked and adjustments are made where appropriate.
The daily production will be analyzed daily in comparison with the solar radiation of the area, the performance of neighboring stations as well as the historical data, in order to prevent possible malfunctions.

Technical support

In case of damage or damage either through the Remote Monitoring or through a telephone call, originating from a natural or non-natural cause or due to a defective operation and which cannot be remotely remedied, a technical visit to the project site is carried out immediately. We are by your next to your PV plant and we can intervene immediately, to correct any malfunction.

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We are by your side in all stages of the process

Design - Study

We study and design both the technical elements of the photovoltaic system and the financial feasibility of your investment. By using specialized meteorological data, forecasting software packages and simulating the operation of the photovoltaic system, we are given the opportunity to analyze the projected energy produced by the station and deliver a complete economic and technical study to decide together the feasibility of an investment.

Investment financing

We assist advice and support you in choosing the right financing for your investment, either through financial instruments or through lending.


We support the whole process to the competent services and we submit for you all the necessary documents.

Supply of equipment

Our cooperation with the largest and most reliable suppliers, enables us to select the appropriate equipment for each project based on technological specifics, reliability, availability and final cost. Each project is special for us and requires not only special design, but also the selection of appropriate equipment, which includes: photovoltaic panels, inverters, mounting bases, electrical equipment (wiring, lightning protection, surge protection, etc.).


SolarWay’s specialized and experienced team, undertakes the complete installation of the photovoltaic system, delivering it “turnkey”. All our projects are delivered on time according to the agreed schedule. Each project is implemented following Project Management methodologies to ensure the timely and quality complete completion of the project.

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