Congratulations! You have just installed your new photovoltaic system and entered the new era of saving energy, but also saving money on your electricity bill. For the remaining 25 years, you can forget about energy costs, possible increases or changes in utility tariffs as well as blue, green and yellow tariffs. But a series of new questions arise:

  • -How do I monitor the production of my photovoltaic?
  • Is my solar system working properly?
  • How much energy has my PV produced?
  • How can I be sure that the photovoltaic is producing what it should?
  • Can I monitor the consumption of my home in addition to the photovoltaic production?
  • Is the electricity bill correct?

Do not worry! The above concerns all photovoltaic owners and although these are relatively simple questions, the answer often requires you to navigate through the “labyrinth” of electricity bills.
You can find answers to all these questions by clicking here

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