A new photovoltaic net-metering system is implemented in the Giannitsanika area of Kalamata, where the solar panels are placed on the roof of a carport that offers  parking spaces for 4 cars.

The installation of the photovoltaic roof is done by SolarWay and is an innovative and flexible solution that offers parking spaces, but at the same time produces electricity that meets the needs of the residence.

This implementation offers solutions that can be applied, in addition to residences, to business parking lots, supermarkets, public or private parking lots, etc. Combined with electric car charging points, they offer an integrated energy solution that covers in a flexible and economical way the energy needs of both the residence or the business, but also the charging of electric cars.

In this implementation they are used

  • • Q-Cells photovoltaic panels offering a 25-year product warranty and 25-year performance warranty
  • • System with microinverters (microinverters) from the American Enphase
  • • American Enphase batteries

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