TERNA SA Trusting the quality of SolarWay photovoltaic projects, it commissioned the project for the supply and construction of a photovoltaic system with a total power of 46 kW, in the new office building at Frangokklisias and Aigialeias streets in Maroussi, Attica. The new buildings were constructed on behalf of PRODEA Investemetns.

SolarWay has successfully implemented the project and has already put it into operation

A new 46 kW Net-Metering self-generating photovoltaic system, implemented by SolarWay, in the new emblematic five-storey office building of PRODEA Investemetns at Frangokklisias and Aigialeias Street in Maroussi, Attica.

The project was assigned to SolarWay by TERNA SA, which trusted the quality of SolarWay photovoltaic projects. The project was implemented within the schedule and in accordance with the strict quality and safety standards of TERNA SA,

The 46 kW Net-Metering photovoltaic system will supply electricity to the new emblematic five-storey office building complex, which, among others, will house Google!

The 46.25 kWp Net-Metering self-generating photovoltaic system consists of:

  • 125 photovoltaic panels, German AXITEC type AXIpremium XL HC 370
  • two inverters (Inverter) of the German SMA Solar Technology AG type Sunny Tripower 25000 TL-30, nominal output power 25 kW. each.
  • Greek Alumil support bases (fixed support base Helios 2100 AS106 by Alumil)

The inverters, together with the DC and AC panels, have been installed in a special metal construction on the roof.

The Photovoltaic system is self-generated with Energy Netting (net metering) interconnected with the Public Electricity Network and is part of the provisions on self-generation of electricity from photovoltaic stations. (Article 14A of Law 3486/2006 as in force based on article 6 of Law 4203/2013).

For the measurement of the produced energy in the H / T fields of the Substation in the A ‘Basement, a low voltage meter has been installed approved by HEDNO, which measures the energy produced by the PV and offsets it with the consumed energy.

The design of the photovoltaic system follows the standards IEC 62446-1: 2016 and IEC 62446-2: 2020 «Photovoltaic (PV) systems – Requirements for testing, documentation and maintenance – Part 1: Grid connected systems – Documentation, commissioning tests and inspection and Part 2: Grid connected systems – Maintenance of PV systems »

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