After waiting for a year, yesterday 10/8/2022 the ministerial decision was published in the Official Gazette, which defines the details for the submission of applications for photovoltaic parks up to 400 kW in the four formerly saturated regions, Peloponnese, Crete, Evia, and Cyclades.
The ministerial decision defines:

  • the procedure and required supporting documents for submitting the application
  • the date of commissioning of the information system for the submission of applications
  • the model of the guarantee letter submitted with the application

The total power available per saturated network is

  • 86 MW in the Peloponnese,
  • 45 MW in the Cyclades (of which 15 MW for net metering),
  • 40 MW in Evia and
  • 180 MW Megawatts in Crete (of which 40 MW for net metering and 30 MW for OTA Energy Communities or with more than 60 members)

Any natural or legal person, directly or indirectly through their participation in the management or as a shareholder, partner or member of a legal person with any percentage of participation, may submit only one application for a photovoltaic station with a power of up to four hundred (400) kilowatts (kW) for each a saturated network

Portal for applications

The applications will be submitted to an information system (portal) that will be prepared by DEDDIE within 30 days (i.e. until 10/9/2022), while the start of submitting applications will be from twenty (20) days and up to forty-five (45) days from the announcement of DEDDIE for the readiness of the information system.

Access to the information system will be done with the taxisnet codes of the interested party. The available power will be allocated based on the order in which the application is submitted to the information system. Applications will be accepted up to 200% of the limits set on each saturated network

Upon successful submission of the application by the information system, a Certificate of Application Submission is issued stating the details of the applicant, the date and time of acceptance of the application

Letter of Guarante

A copy of the guarantee letter is submitted electronically when submitting the application and the original guarantee letter is presented in physical copy or sent with proof of receipt within five (5) days of submitting the application to the Network Operator.
The validity period of the Letter of Guarantee must be at least two years, and must be renewed before its expiry, until the station’s connection is activated or the Declaration of Readiness is submitted

Necessary supporting documents

  • Copy of ID in the case of a natural person or Recent GEMI General Certificate, Certificate of Valid Representation and Valid Codified Articles of Association in the case of a legal entity
  • Environmental licensing which, as the case may be, is either a Decision on the Approval of Environmental Terms (A.E.P.O.), or subjection to Standard Environmental Commitments (SEPs), or a Certificate of Exemption from the environmental licensing process for the projects that are exempted from it
  • Copy of Letter of Guarante
  • Document regarding whether or not the facility site is High Productivity Agricultural Land.
  • Documentary evidence of the legal use of the installation site, which includes a Certificate Documenting the legal use of the installation site by a lawyer of the applicant’s choice
  • Electronic format of the footprint file of the installation location
  • Technical Description of the station
  • Responsible statement of the applicant/legal representative, confirming whether or not the criterion of par. 1 and 2 of article 2 of the ministerial decision is met, as well as that the details of the application are accurate and true

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